Safety with…some fun! Volvo tries to get back American consumers wtih a new perspective

Yes, there is still the family, yes there are kids, but…it’s a battle against the poshy trophy wife and her Mercedes that makes it different. Normality against uniqueness. A different exercise for a brand that’s struggling to keep up with strong competition and needs to revamp its position on the most important market. Not safe but daring!


High end Branding: Rolex

Rolex has been working with product advertising since decades but I found this new way of connecting great personalities of different areas, beautiful pictures and a massive yet very profiled distribution, one of the best example of brilliant branding. Chapeau!
Forgive me for the pics but I literally took my Herald Tribune from the mail box and it wasn’t exactly ready for the task!




SLUSSEN: Cool combination of music, technology and fun!

This is the latest idea from the Urbanears guys here in Stockholm (Slussen is one of the main connecting point in the city…). I find this little system (your Iphone or iOS device+Slussen accessory+the App) one of the most exciting and, above all, SIMPLE thing seen lately. Sorry, gotta leave…need to buy one right away!!!!